About company

We are pleased to inform you that there is a new manufacturer in the market of laboratory equipment for quality control of oil and petroleum products namely TECHNO Company.

Our team consists of experienced and creative engineers and programmers who developed instruments which currently outperform in functionality
all commercially available counterparts including imported products.

The equipment development concept was based on the following:

  • functionality is within luxury range
  • cost is within business class

Thus, we have been extensively involved in the national industry development strategy aimed at the program of import substitution. First specimens of production were successfully tested in many places: Scientific-Research Institute for Standardization and Unification (NIISU), CORELAB’s laboratories (former Saybolt), laboratories of all oil and gas companies. Positive conclusions were obtained, sale and delivery of items were commenced including export.

By observing the market situation formed in consequence of international tension we propose that the development strategy of Russia will not change for the next 15 – 20 years as regards increasing the market share of domestic goods and manufactures for own use with the purpose of the national economic independence.

It means that the import ratio will continue to fall especially in the areas of the market where Russian developments are equivalent to + outperform foreign counterparts for quality.

Presented four items are part of general laboratory equipment line planned for production.

We are ready to begin broad cooperation with vendors of laboratory equipment for said branch and invite for dialog all concerned parties, especially that concerning developed equipment we have no competitors in terms of criteria “quality/price”.