Standard Test Methods

Standard test method for distillation of petroleum products and liquid fuels at atmospheric pressure
Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester
ASTM D 3227
Standard Test Method for (Thiol Mercaptan) Sulfur in Gasoline, Kerosine, Aviation Turbine, and Distillate Fuels (Potentiometric Method)
ASTM D 6079
Standard Test Method for Evaluating Lubricity of Diesel Fuels by the High-Frequency Reciprocating Rig
EN 116
Diesel and domestic heating fuels. Determination of cold filter plugging point. Stepwise cooling bath method
EN 16329
Diesel and domestic heating fuels - Determination of cold filter plugging point - Linear cooling bath method
EN ISO 2719
Determination of flash point — Pensky-Martens closed cup method
GOST 2177
Petroleum products. Methods for determining fractional composition
GOST 6356
Petroleum products. Method of test for flash point boy closed cup.
GOST 11362 (ISO 6619)
Petroleum products and lubricants. Neutralization number. Potentiometric titration method
GOST 17323
Engine fuel. Determination of mercaptan and hydrogen sulphide sulphur content by potentiometric titration
GOST 22254
Diesel fuels. Cold filter method for determination of lowest filtering temperature
GOST 25794.1
Reagents. Methods of preparation of standard volumetric solutions for acid-base titration
GOST 28084
Low-freezing cooling liquids. General specifications
Petroleum products. Determination of distillation characteristics at atmospheric pressure
GOST ISO 12156-1
Diesel fuel. Determination of lubricity by the HFRR-appparatus.
GOST R 53707
Petroleum products. Method of distillation at atmospheric pressure
GOST R 54269
Fuels. Method for determination of cold filter plugging point
GOST R 54279
Petroleum products. Methods for determination of flash point in Pensky-Martens closed cup tester
Petroleum products. Methods for determination of flash point in Pensky-Martens closed cup