GOST ISO 12156-1

Diesel fuel. Determination of lubricity by the HFRR-appparatus.

The scope of the method lies in the fact that a sample of the tested fuel is placed in a container in which a given temperature is maintained. The metal ball is firmly fixed in a vertically positioned holder and pressed with a load on a horizontally reinforced metal plate. The ball reciprocates with a certain frequency and stroke length. In this case, the surface of the ball, which comes into contact with the plate, is completely immersed in the fuel. The metallic properties of the ball, plate, temperature, load applied to the ball; the frequency and stroke length of the ball are precisely set.

The interstate standard GOST ISO 12156-1 establishes a method for determining the lubricity of diesel fuels, including diesel fuel containing additives that improve its lubricity, on an apparatus with high-frequency ball reciprocating motion (HFRR). Used for fuels used for diesel engines.

To adjust the size of the wear mark obtained on the test ball to the standard set of test conditions, the ambient conditions are taken into account during the test. The test diameter of the wear scar is a measure of the lubricity of a fluid.

Instruments in accordance with this standard