Fully automated atmospheric distillation tester for crude oil and petroleum products

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DIST-A1: Test principle

During the test, the sample is placed in a distillation flask and distilled exactly according to the conditions specified in the standards. The sample is heated and the generated steam is cooled in the condenser and collected in a graduated cylinder. All results, both analysis and timing, are automatically recorded during the test.

Compressor-type liquid-free cooling system:

  • simulates a manual instrument as accurately as possible,
  • allows you to stably maintain the required temperature of both the condenser and the receiving chamber
  • reliable and does not require maintenance during the entire service life

Thermostatted receiving cylinder compartment

The temperature of the corrosion-resistant receiving chamber can be regulated from 0 to +60 degrees Celsius. Due to the optimal design, the receiving chamber quickly reaches the required temperature. To improve the accuracy of volume measurement in the receiving cylinder, a sensor is built into the receiving chamber, which makes it possible to automatically identify the receiving cylinder and recognize its unique calibration data.

Large touchscreen display and integrated data processing system

Allows you to automatically control the process and perform the processing of the necessary data with subsequent transfer to LIMS and to external media. This system visualizes the experiment process through a graphical representation of the parameters. The intuitive interface with many prompts eliminates operator error.

Heater temperature control

Precise temperature control ensures optimum standardized distillation rates, even for difficult mixtures. The heater temperature control system maintains the distillation rate between 4 and 5 ml per minute in accordance with ASTM D86. The final temperature adjustment for distilling off the last 5 ml of distillate is fully automatic.

Built-in pressure sensor

allows you to automatically calculate the correction for atmospheric pressure.


Condenser cleaning control eliminates user error, which guarantees accurate boiling point determination.

High level of security

DIST-A1 meets the highest safety standard in its class and corresponds to the demands of the latest version of ASTM D86. The device is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system that can be connected to an N₂ or CO₂ gas supply. The password management system provides selective access to the instrument’s functions.

A set of methods for determining the fractional composition of oil and oil products

The device software contains ample opportunities: these are both current standards and an unlimited number of user methods with additional customization options. Existing standards include ASTM D86, ISO 3405, as well as specific methods for the distillation of hexadecane and toluene.

Pt100 temperature sensor in glass casing with integrated chip

Allows you to fully simulate a mercury thermometer, and the built-in chip allows you to automatically identify the sensor used and load calibration parameters. This solution eliminates operator error when inputting adjustments.

Heating chamber with the possibility of both automatic and manual table movement

The developed design allows you to control the position of the heating chamber both in manual mode (using a mechanical handle) and in a fully automatic mode. The heating chamber has an automatic function that allows for easy plate identification, which eliminates operator error and guarantees device safety.

Special bracket

The design of the flask bracket makes it easy to position the Engler flask strictly vertically. The design prevents the possibility of oil product discharge in the event of an emergency.


ASTM D86, E123, IP195, DIN51751, ISO 3405, GOST 2177, GOST R 53707, GOST R EN ISO 3405, GOST ISO 3405
Operator support features
Pre-scan: the volume of the sample-filled receiving cylinder is checked and corrected to 100%
Reminders and hints: an array of hints and reminders helps reduce the operator error
Validation of results: real-time information on compliance with set methods
Bracket: a special bracket allows you to install the Engler flask strictly vertically without additional effort
Heating system
Low-voltage heating system with automatic positioning
Built-in fan to achieve a safe temperature after the experiment is completed
Compressor-type liquid-free cooling system
Temperature range: 0…+80 °C:
Resolution 0.1 °С
Receiving cylinder chamber
Compressor-type liquid-free cooling system
Temperature range: 0…+60 °C:
Resolution 0.1 °С
Corrosion resistant
Vapor temperature
Pt100, Class A, glass
Temperature range: 0…+450 °С, resolution 0.1 °С
Built-in chip for automatic identification and storage of calibration data
Automatic correction of atmospheric pressure
Sample volume measurements
Optical system with a system of movable optical barriers.
Measurement range: 0…103 ml
Resolution 0.03 ml or 0.1 ml. Accuracy up to ± 0.1 ml.
Atmospheric pressure
Built-in pressure sensor
Measurement range: 30…110 kPa
Resolution: 0.1 kPa
Fire extinguishing system
Built-in fire extinguishing system with IR sensor as detector
Connecting a CO₂ or N₂ source with a pressure of 6…12 bar
Condition monitoring system
Checking the diameter of the installed plate, sample temperature sensor, sensor for closing the door of the heating chamber, cleaning the condenser, sensor for closing the door of the chamber of the receiving cylinder, monitoring the installation of the receiving cylinder
Operation conditions
Air temperature +10…+35 °С
Air humidity 10…80% relative air humidity at 35 °С
Energy consumption
Maximum power consumption 1400 W
Dimensions WxDxH
400x550x680 mm
45 kg
1 × Ethernet, 4 × USB, wifi
Dry point sensor, Engler flask 100, 200 and 250 ml, barcode scanner, printer, keyboard, 200 ml receiving cylinder, external “traffic light” indicator.