Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester


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  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system
  • Built-in barometric pressure sensor for automatic correction of flash point
  • Automatic lift-arm mechanism for the cup cover installation
  • Torch flame ignition and maintenance system
  • Color display, touch screen operation
  • Experimental data and more than 2000 user programs can be stored in the internal memory
  • Remote update of integrated software, data export to LIMS via Ethernet
  • Built-in fan to cool down the test cup and surrounding environment at the end of the test
  • Calculation of the flash point mean value, 25 calibration points of Pt100


ASTM D93 Methods A, B & C, ISO 2719 A, B & C, EN ISO 2719 A, B & C, IP 34 A, B & C
automatic heating at a constant rate in the range 0.5…12 C/min
Temperature measurement
glass Pt100 temperature sensor
Range the ambient…+400 °С
Resolution 0.1 °С
Automatic programmable
Range 0…300 rpm
Ignition system
Electric or gas with a programmable interval 0.5…5 °С
Electric - with automatic compensation for spiral aging
Barometric pressure
Built-in barometric pressure sensor for automatic flash point correction
Flash detection
Low mass thermocouple
Custom functions
7 inch color touch screen
Storage for up to 2000 experiments
The ability to transfer data to LIMS
Keyboard and mouse connectivity
Fire extinguishing system
Built-in fire sensors
Built-in fire extinguishing system with gas supply around the test crucible
Preliminary test
check for light compounds in the sample
Preventive measures
Multi-level access system and reminders for safe use
Operation conditions
Air temperature 10…+35 °С
Air humidity 10…80 % relative air humidity at 35 °С
Energy consumption
600 W
Dimensions WxDxH
240x480x370 mm
15 kg
1 × Ethernet, 4 × USB, wifi
Printer, glass sample temperature sensor