GOST R 54279

Petroleum products. Methods for determination of flash point in Pensky-Martens closed cup tester

The essence of the method is that a test brass crucible of specified dimensions is heated, filled to the mark inside the crucible with a test sample, with a tightly fitted lid of specified dimensions, while the sample is stirred at a given speed in accordance with one of the methods - A or B. At specified intervals time, the ignition source is directed into the opening of the crucible lid while mixing is interrupted until a flash occurs.

The national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 54279 establishes two methods (A and B) for determining the flash point of oil products in the temperature range from 40 °C to 360 °C using manual or automatic Penski-Martens apparatus.

Method A applies to:

  • distillate fuels (diesel fuel, kerosene, heating oil, gas turbine fuel);
  • fresh lubricating oils and other homogeneous petroleum fluids not covered by Method B.
  • Method B applies to:
  • residual liquid fuels,
  • liquid bitumen,
  • waste lubricating oils,
  • mixtures of liquid and solid petroleum products,
  • petroleum liquids that, during testing, have a tendency to form a surface film or have a kinematic viscosity, at which uneven heating occurs during stirring and heating according to method A.

The methods are used to determine the contamination of non-volatile or non-flammable substances with volatile and flammable substances.

Instruments in accordance with this standard