EN 16329

Diesel and domestic heating fuels - Determination of cold filter plugging point - Linear cooling bath method

Method for determining the cold filter filterability temperature limit (CFPP) of diesel and residential heating fuels using linear cooling. Applied to fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) and distillate fuels, as well as paraffinic diesel fuels, including those containing FAME, flow improvers or other additives intended for use in diesel engines and domestic heating systems. The results obtained using the method specified in this European Standard are suitable for estimating the lowest temperature at which the fuel will provide uninterrupted flow in the fuel system.

In the case of diesel fuel: the results are usually close to the temperature of failure, unless the fuel system contains, for example, a paper filter installed in a weather-exposed location, or if the filter clogging temperature is more than 12 °C below the point clouding of fuel. Domestic heating systems are usually less critical and often operate satisfactorily at temperatures slightly lower than indicated in the test results.

Instruments in accordance with this standard