Automatic cold filter plugging point tester

European CE Certificate

Confirms that the products of the Techno company comply with all the requirements of the directives and standards of the European Union, and they are absolutely safe for the health of both consumers and the environment.

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EN 116, IP 309, ASTM D6371, JIS K 2288, EN 16329, GOST 22254, GOST R 54269, JIS K 2288
Sample detection
Top and bottom infrared sensors, special design to prevent icing at low temperatures
Automatic sensor calibration: sample temperature, bath temperature and vacuum.
Bath temperature range
+65…-105 °С
Automatic vacuum control with the ability to set a complex profile
Method customization options
number of cooling “stages”
cooling “stage” temperatures
Aspiration time and frequency
complex vacuum profile
Cooling profile
staged or linear cooling method
Temperature measurement
Pt100, Class A, automatic identification and loading of calibration parameters
Programmable with cleaning check function. Possibility of cleaning at the rinsing station and in the cooling block
Custom functions
7 inch color touch screen
Storage for up to 2000 experiments
The ability to transfer data to LIMS
Keyboard and mouse connectivity
Barcode scanner connectivity
100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 300W
Dimensions WxDxH
240х500х400 mm
25 kg
1 × Ethernet, 4 × USB, Bluetooth, wifi
Metal sample temperature sensor, printer, barcode scanner