GOST R 54269

Fuels. Method for determination of cold filter plugging point

The scope of the method is to cool the sample under specified conditions at intervals of 1 °C and draw it into a pipette under a controlled vacuum through a standardized wire mesh filter. The procedure is repeated after each decrease in the sample temperature by 1 °C. The test is continued until the temperature at which the amount of paraffin crystals released from the solution does not allow the fuel to pass through the filter or slows down its flow so that the filling time of the pipette exceeds 60 s or until the fuel stops draining completely into the test vessel before cooling by another 1 °C.

The national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 54269 establishes a method for determining the limiting filterability temperature on a cold filter (CFPP) of diesel and heating household fuel using manual or automatic equipment, which is suitable for arbitration purposes. They are used for distillate fuels containing additives, including those that improve fluidity, intended for use in diesel engines and installations for heating residential premises.

Instruments in accordance with this standard